Tricks For Kicks!

Tricks for Kicks! – 4 wk Tricks Training Course

Tricks Training is great fun for both owners & dogs. It strengthens the bond between both and really gets you working as a team. The amount of new behaviours / tricks you can teach your dog is endless and a great way to advance on your basic obedience.

You will use different training techniques throughout the course to train your dog the tricks (luring, shaping , targeting, capturing ) but most of all you will have lots of fun.

This course will also introduce attendants to clicker training, and will be used throughout the course.

Dogs attending this course must have basic manners / obedience , be comfortable in the presence of other dogs, up to date with vaccinations (incl. Kennel Cough Vaccine).

Min of 4 participants for class to go ahead. Please contact us to book 01-8314132 / or Facebook msg.

What You need to bring:

  • Clicker
  • Your dogs favourite treats


Next Course Dates:

  • Saturday 19th Nov @ 12-1pm