shutterstock_286486670The Dog Den centre offers an interactive, welfare driven daycare service where your dog can play, learn, work and rest for up to 11 hours per day in a fun, safe, secure environment!

Dogs are social creatures that require a lot of attention. If you spend time just observing dogs play, you will quickly learn how much fun multiple dogs can have running, chasing, romping and wrestling. It is great exercise and can burn off tones of excess energy.


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But dog play is more than just fun & our Daycare is definitely NOT a place where the dogs are left to their own devices to  run riot !

Puppies and dogs will learn valuable communication and life lessons. They will also learn essential canine manners, impulse control, bite inhibition and social skills when in playgroups. Youngsters, adolescents, and even older canines can benefit from dog play and interaction. Never again will you have to worry about your dog being alone all day and how he / she may be entertaining themselves.

The main aim of the way we run our daycare is to ensure that the individual & changing needs of every dog in our care are being addressed and that they are learning real life skills while in daycare. We categorise  our daycare in three different Zones , The puppy Zone, The Green Zone & The Orange Zone.  Dogs will  move  between orange & green Zone many times throughout their time with us depending on their life-stage , and their individual life experiences.

Puppies are at a very sensitive development stage up to 16 weeks, they require lots of confidence building, careful exposures & interactions with lots of other dogs , stimuli & people. We are very mindful of this development stage and have therefore tailored a program for  ours pups involving structured group interactions & individual work teaching life skills for their particular developmental stage.  

Orange Zone dogs require a lot more management. These individual dogs while in a group may be lacking in Self control / focus / play manners / get over aroused quickly  / struggling to read other dogs signals. A lot of dogs will experience many of these issues when they enter  the scary adolescence stage!  Orange category dogs will have private training sessions covering basic manners, focus work, impulse control , arousal reducing activities , Mat work etc throughout the day. These dogs will have a tailored play group picked for them that support what we are aiming to achieve, and short structured play sessions.  The number of Orange category dogs we can cater to daily are limited due to the amount of attention they require.

Green Zone dogs are good all-rounders, stable with all dogs & people in the group, no fears  / anxieties / issues. We do not want these dogs needs to be overlooked. Green category dogs will be involved in group training activities / tricks training  / scent work etc with the full attention of the handler on duty.

There is no Good or Bad Zone to be in , its natural that we behave differently at different stages in our life & therefore require different methods / routines. We do not want our daycare to be a place where your dog  gets to rehearse ‘unwanted’ behaviour , rather a place where we can identify your dogs needs and address them. 

HOWEVER: Daycare is not the right environment for every dog. Some find large groups of dogs in an indoor setting very stressful, too loud , too busy. Some enjoy it for a short time but then grow out of it and just don’t like the intense doggie interactions  anymore. Please do not be insulted if your dog does not pass our assessment , your dogs welfare is #1 to us so if they are uncomfortable in this environment we will recommend you find alternative care for your dog (i.e dog walker)

Pricing :

Please see below the pricing for up to 11 hours (7.30am – 6.30pm) of daycare daily Monday to Friday. All prices are inclusive of  23% VAT.

  • Initial assessment fee: €25
  • Daily Rate: €27 (25% discount on 2nd & additional dogs from the same household)
  • We are currently @ full capacity , just like a creche for children we require payment for your days in daycare regardless if you attend or not to keep your place open & have a minimum attendance of 1 day per wk. (2 wk holiday allowance per year given)
  • We do not offer credit. Daily rates can be pre paid at the start of the month for the entire month , or on a weekly basis  prepaid on the first day attendance of that week. 
  • The Majority of our daycare dogs have fixed weekly day/s attendance, with a small number of dogs that have one fixed day and one or more varying days depending on availability at booking. 


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