Daycare Daily Schedule

7.30 – 9.30am : Check in time. All dogs must be on the premises by 9.30am. All dogs wait in their individual rest area for their pals to arrive and play to begin.

9.30 – 12pm  : Play time begins!  Running, jumping, chasing, wrestling, jungle gyms and play structures, games and puzzles. Group training, focus, attention and rewards!

12-1pm : Nap time means It’s lights out, music on! Dogs will rest in their individual rest areas / crates. This quiet time is just as important as active time. The dogs need this time to relax and unwind. Special needs are attended to, lunch / snacks distributed to those 6 months and under.

1-3pmMore Fun….

3-4pm: Nap Time….

4-5pmAnd more fun………

5-6.30pm : Home time! The dogs are back in their own area’s unwinding and waiting for their owners to arrive. All dogs must be on collected by 6.30pm.