Dog Training


Reliable Recall Intensive Workshop 90 mins – €45
Puppy Training Options €90 – €160
Group Manners & Obedience Course €135
The Reactive Dog Class 6 wk course – 1 hr per class €199
Seminar: Baby Proofing Your Pooch! €25
Private Training Consultation €90 / €100

Here at The Dog Den we use positive reward-based training methods!

This approach is based on the science of how dogs think and learn. It has been scientifically proven that the most effective way to alter the behaviour of any living creature is through positive reinforcement.

Harsh physical corrections and punishment (i.e. choke chains, shock collars) can suppress unwanted behaviours for a brief time, but they do not teach the dog the appropriate behaviours to replace it with and above all it causes the dog physical and emotional pain and distress.

The Dog Den has a strict NO choke chain, shock collar, prong collar policy, and dogs wearing such equipment will be asked for it to be removed and replaced with appropriate equipment before participation in our classes.

Be Proactive not Reactive!

Be proactive with your dog training; don’t wait for problem behaviours to arise before coming to our center. We have a number of courses to suit dogs of all ages, sizes, and personalities. Your dogs will have so much fun and so will you!

We can tailor to your individual training  needs here  @ The Dog Den. Whether you are a company looking for advice on how to create a pet friendly workplace , an individual who would rather our undivided attention or a  group of friends that want to do some specific training with their dogs we can arrange it. Give Ciara a call to discuss.

Dog Training Accessories / tools we Recommend:

  • Harness : Freedom Harness; double attachment (front & back) harness with velvet body strap.
  • Kong: A variety of Kong Toys; classic , bone shaped, wobbler etc
  • K9 Connectables
  • Pullers
  • Yogies  – frozen yogurt for dogs (because we all need a treat at the weekend 😀 )

*All of the above products can be purchased at our reception shop*

The training industry in Ireland is unregulated. This means anyone can call themselves a trainer without any formal qualifications or knowledge so please beware! The assessment criteria for credible certifying bodies is based on the applicants ability to demonstrate practical skills, excellent handling skills, the ability to deal with a variety of behaviours and situations and applicants must have an excellent understanding of learning theory, husbandry skills, ethology, instructing skills and equipment. There is a strict code of ethics and a complaints procedure for members who do not comply. All members conform to the ethos of using force free positive science base methods only, and are required to keep up to date in the field by regularly attending training and behaviour events, seminars and workshops. Many training groups and associations are being formed were criteria for membership is merely a joining fee. Please always research a trainers certifying body and assessment criteria to insure you are being given the most scientific, relevant, up to date training and behaviour information and advice available.





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