Seminar: Baby Proofing Your Pooch!

Human Seminar: Baby Proofing your Pooch!

Are you extending your family to include a 2-legged Baby?
Lets inform your 4-legged Baby!

This seminar is designed to help expecting mothers / fathers / grandparents / childminders plan and prepare for the arrival of their new baby with the dogs in mind. The addition of a child to the home is an incredibly stressful time for dogs and humans alike. Dogs are often given up because of a new child, and many times this in entirely unnecessary.

Seminar will include information on :

  • Reading your dogs communication signals to ensure safety
  • Looking at the situation from your dogs point of view
  • Useful behaviours / routines to put in place now 
  • How to handle the homecoming
  • Critical Safety Tips
  • Plus more

This Seminar is for humans only ; No dogs allowed (Except assistance dogs)

This Seminar is held approximately four times per year , please register your interest by emailing your contact details to  

  • NEXT DATE: Sat 6th April 2pm (contact us to book)
  • Once the interest is there we will set a date for the next seminar
  • If you would rather not wait ; we can deliver this seminar in a private consultation @ a cost of €90