Group Training Options

6 Week Basic Manners & Obedience Course 


 Pick ‘n’ Mix Training Workshops


Which option is for you?

This all depends on your personal circumstances. If you can commit to the same time every week for 6 consecutive weeks, then our 6 week course is the one for you.If you have an unpredictable work schedule / commitments then the Pick ‘n’ Mix Workshops are the one for you.

Is one option better than the other?

You will get the same great training & information with both options, covering the same material but just delivered in a different way.

With the 6 wk course we build on the behaviours each consecutive week as a group. With the workshops we concentrate on specific exercises (the clue in the title) i.e. Impulse control workshop OR Loose Lead walking Workshop. 

How it works / how do I book?

For the 6 wk course have a look at the list of scheduled start dates below then get in contact with us too book your place. €50 deposit , balance to due 2 weeks prior to start date

For the Pick ‘n’ mix Workshops look at the scheduled dates for each  workshop & contact us to book your place. Please note you must do workshop #1 & #2 in order before booking onto any of the other workshops.  


Practice makes permanent!  There is no magic wand when it comes to dog training; you get out what you put in!


Information on our 6 week Basic Manners & Obedience Course; 1 hr per class; €135

This course is for dogs of all ages. No prior training knowledge is required by owner or dog as this course starts at the basics.

For most attendees this will be the first training class they have ever been to. For others they may have attended classes when their dogs where younger but are finding specific areas a struggle. For others, they are attending just for fun and to reap the benefits that a training class setting brings.

Opening up the lines of communication through teaching basic behaviours and cues and improving the value of the relationship between owner and dog is critical in dealing with any problems owners may be experiencing. To get full benefits of this course participants must be committed to attending all classes and to practice exercises daily at home.

Remember each dog in the class is different and will work at different levels. Owners must be prepared to be patient and work at their own dogs level. Each will progress at different rates  We want to set the dog up to succeed, allowing them the opportunity to get things right and win rewards. Rushing is only setting your dog up for failure and this will only frustrate both dog and owner. We want to keep our training as fun as possible for all parties involved.

Course Benefits:

  • Owners will have a better understanding of their dogs behaviour and factors that are affect that behaviour.
  • Owners will have the tools and knowledge to address any future issues they have with their dogs because of the information obtained from this course.
  • The bond between both parties will strengthen, and owners will notice their dog paying them more attention in more distracting environments
  • Dogs will learn the vital skill of self control  , to look to their owner and work as a team.
  • Dogs will learn an array of behaviours for duration, at distance and with distractions.
  • Dog is socialised with other dogs and people in a safe and secure indoor environment.
  • Maximum of 7 dogs per course , with  2 training instructors so lots of individual attention throughout class.

Course Content: 

  • Training Theory Principles (Week 1 is a seminar class without dog present)
  • Marker training
  • Attention exercises
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Leave it
  • Drop / Take It
  • Wait & release cue ‘ok’
  • Recall
  • Starting  / improving your Loose lead walking training
  • Addressing training problems owners are experiencing

Next Course Dates:

  • Sat 28th April @ 12pm
  • Thurs 3rd May @ 7pm
  • Sat 9th June @ 12pm
  • Thurs 14th June @ 7pm
  • Please note that if the demand is there more dates will be added to accomadate so keep checking in with us!

Information on our Pick ‘n’ Mix Training Workshops; 1 hr per W/shop; €30

*Remember Workshop #1 & #2 are essential before doing any of the other workshops (Not required if you have already completed our 6 wk course)

#1 The Human End of The Leash (Mandatory) 

  • Training Theory Principles
  • Developmental stages & what to expect
  • Why your dog behaves the way he / she does
  • How to prevent  / deal with problem behaviours
  • This workshop is for the human only (no dogs) , and the most important if you ask me!
  • Workshop Dates: Sat 28th April @ 12 pm / Thurs 3rd May @7pm / Sat 9th June @ 12 pm / Thurs June 14th @ 7pm

#2 A Means to an End (Mandatory)

  • Getting dogs comfortable in the environment & focused to work
  • Attention work
  • Marker training
  • Mat work, targeting , Sits , Downs
  • Workshop Dates: Tues 22nd May @ 7pm / Tuesday 29th May @ 7pm

#3 Impulse Control & Stays

  • This workshop concentrates on impulse / self control exercises
  • Stays ; blind stays , out of sight stays
  • Workshop Dates: Tues 5th June @ 7pm

#4 Reliable Recall 

  • Concentrating on a reliable recall
  • Workshop Dates: Sat 28th April @ 12 pm / Sat May 12th @ 2 pm / Sat May 26th @ 2 pm  / Sat 23rd June @ 1.30pm

#5 Loose Lead Walking  

  • Everything you need to know to get  your dog walking nicely by your side