Puppy Options

Puppy Package €160

The Dog Den offers a puppy package to all pups from 8 weeks of age up to 6 months.

Dogs have there most important developmental period up to 16 weeks of age. During this sensitive developmental stage experiences that they encounter have a greater impact on the development of their temperament and behaviour, than those experiences that occur later in life. This is the time where new puppy owners need to be busy building their pups confidence with everything they want the pup to accept and be comfortable with in adulthood.

We designed the Puppy Package with this sensitive developmental stage in mind; it consists of:

A Private Training Consultation 

This Training consult lasts Approx 1 -1.5 hrs and is jam packed full of all the information new puppy owners need to know to give the dog the skills he/she will need to become a well adjusted confident adult dog.

  • Appropriate training techniques and equipment
  • Toilet Training
  • Mouthing issues
  • How to deal with  and better yet prevent problem behaviours forming
  • Canine communication and language
  • Feeding, health checks, grooming advice
  • Vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and prevention advice
  • Neutering, microchip identification, pet insurance advice


Three Day Socialisation / Training in our Daycare

Puppy play sessions are essential for pups to build confidence and learn how to interact appropriately with other dogs. 3 consecutive days in our daycare will gain the pup:

  • Experience with dogs of all ages , shapes and sizes in a safe environment.
  • Through play your pup will learn better bite inhibition (soft mouth) which can help transfer to interactions at home.
  • The pup will gain experience being away from their new family and build confidence with unknown people, noises, objects, surfaces etc.
  • Pups will get started on specific training to prevent common  ‘problems’ encountered at home :
    • Matt Work
    • Sit for greets
    • Impulse Control exercises
    • Resource Guarding Prevention exercises
    • Handling exercises
    • Name recognition
    • Recall
    • Independant play (Puzzles)


First Puppy Groom

Here your pup will gain positive exposure and experience with all things involved in the grooming process.

  • Handling,  Bathing , Drying, Brushing out  , Face and Feet Trimming , nail clipping , ear cleaning.

Please note that the Puppy training Consult can be done independently of the package @ a cost of €90

Our training consult is done in our private room and therefore there is no need to wait until vaccinations are complete. However for the daycare and grooming part of our package the pup needs to have full set of vaccinations complete and also have kennel cough Vaccine.